Beautiful Holidays in Himachal Pradesh

If you want some adventure and thrill then plan your trip of Shimla and Manali. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. There are many beautiful places where we can see the natural beauty in Himachal Pradesh. Kullu Manali and Shimla are the beautiful  places in Himachal Pradesh. Thousands of tourists come here every year and enjoy their vacations with a beauty of nature.

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In Shimla summer vacation large number of tourist national and international enjoy its picture perfect beauty and peacefulness. There is a wide range of things to do and see here. This place is always liked by tourist lovers main attractions are the Himalayan Natural Park, the Ridge, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary and the Shaily Peak.

Manali is the beautiful hill stations situated in the valley of Kullu that is also a tourist visiting the place. It is also known as the “Switzerland of India”. It is one of the popular place for newly wedding couples. Couples can spend their beautiful moments with the right atmosphere, cool & happy weather. It is the paradise of adventure and excitement . The famous tourist attraction in Manali is the  climatic conditions  and winter snowfall . Kullu and Manali are the complete tour package for lovers and wedding couples. You can also explore the Himachal temples, shrines, gardens, lakes and much more.

If you really want to go for a vacation then Himachal tour is one of the adventure tour for you. You can book your ticket online.


Travel to Rajasthan Villages

Rajasthan is one of the beautiful states  where you can different-different traditions and cultures. Experience of Rajasthan and travel to Rajasthan villages is also a very great time to spend. Rajasthan village life is unique, colorful and enjoying. Rajasthan village is connected to its different past culture, traditional belief and natural heritage.  Rajasthan villages are famous for its color scheme, tasty Rajasthan cuisine, beautiful Rajasthan attire and unique Rajasthan architectural marvels and decorations.

Rajasthan village tour

The Rajasthan village tour is a great way to explore the life of Rajasthani people. In villages of Rajasthan we can see the shanty huts and those hut’s walls are made of creative designs and paintings. Villagers like to decorate their huts with beautiful natural symbols and signs and also with bright colors.

Extensive green fields  and landscape picture have viewed always get refreshed to the people. If you stay in Rajasthan villages then you can taste and enjoying hot and spicy Rajasthan food. Here you can also learn Rajasthan farming style. Many Rajasthani villages aren’t using modern equipments for farming due to unavailiabity of resources. Some of the villages life styles are not changed yet and people living style is same as previous. Rajasthan tradition and real culture attract many people every year to come.

In Rajasthan Thar desert you can enjoy the camel safari and you can also stay at the desert nearest village and do camping with bonfire.You can also See the dance of rajasthan like lok dance, kalbeliyan etc. So Rajasthan tour package is completely different from other tour so you should make a plan to come in Rajasthan.

Which one is better PVC or Corrugated pipe for Interior Drain Tiles

As we know that in many applications corrugated pipes have proved better than other pipes but in many countries people are using PVC pipes in their home and buildings.

Let’s we talk about those pipes and decide that which one is better Corrugated or PVC

  1. Flexibility: Corrugate pipes are flexible and can easily install without any problem. This can also prevent from water backup and also removes the problem of blockage that is mainly created by iron bacteria’s or garbage.
  1. Drainage: Corrugated pipes are punctures in all the ways and opening water could not see in the pipe and easily drain out from the pipe but Pvc not and it  pipe can only collect.
  1. Less chances of Blockage: In corrugated pipes many perforation get exist so only tiny parts of garbage might be enter in the pipe. Perforation is not directly on the surface but covered so it is very difficult to find garbage in water. PVC pipe has a very large opening that is why blockage problem could be crated.

PVC pipes used only water proofing environment. PVC pipes are expensive as well as we have to pay also labors for installation. So these are features of corrugated pipes that define that we should use only corrugated pipes if we want to free from blockage issues and other problems. Gemini pipes is a manufacturer and supplier of Corrugated and high density plastic pipes and provides its product globally.

How to Purchase Power and Control cables

If you are constructing a new house, complex, apartment and new office or renovating your old house then in this condition you should do any compromise with wiring of electric system. It is very important to use of good quality LT-PVC Power &Control Cables and wiring in a home or buildings. You can create a hassle free environment for your family member and others.

When you are going to buy Power and control cables for your electrical purpose then some of the important things that you should always keep in mind.


  1. Before buying any control and power cable you should check the authority of manufacturer or brand popularity of a product. If product popularity is good then it means this product is better in quality and performance.
  1. You need to check the voltage grade of the cables. Finest cables can easily handle and work in both dry and wet conditions.
  1. Before purchasing any cable it is require checking the length and size of the power cable. According to your home requirement and needs you should purchase these control cables.
  1. We should check the certification and standards of a cable. The standards also define the quality of products. The international standards mark products determine the high quality of cables.

So these are the important things that are always helpful for you want to know about those products then Tirupati Plastomatics is an ISO 9001:2008 and SABS approved power and control cable manufacturer and supplier in India and provides products globally.

Tour to South India with your Partner

South India is one of the refreshing and soothing hill stations in India and it is also called the holy place of India. There are many places in south that always attract visitor to come. Kerala is also counted in monsoon holiday destinations of India.

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Kerala is one of the beautiful tourist places in India and popularly amongst tourist for its hill stations and Backwaters. If you newly married then this place is one of the best options for you. If you come here with your life partner then you can make romantic moments with her. Munnar hill station is also known as the Queen of hill stations. If you do romance with your partner then Mattupetti Dam and the Kundala lake are the perfect places. Other places are Kumarakom village and this small village is home to the breathtaking backwaters and houseboats that are prepared with luxury. Watch the coconut trees and fishing are activities that make your travel vacations memorable.

Tamilnadu is also a very popular tourist destination. From the churches to the Pondicherry museum building you can see the French architecture. In beaches you can feel calm and relaxed. Watching from beaches is the beautiful part in Tamilnadu. The Tirupati Balaji temple is also situated in Tamilnadu where millions of shrines and tourist come. The hill station Ooty is famous for its rose garden, blue hills, Ooty lake and deer park .

In Karnataka we can see the combination of rich culture and technology. Madikeri Fort, Omkarashewara temple and Coorg are the places to visit here. The Mysore city where history is alive along with improvement. The Mysore Palace, St. Philomena’s Church and the Brindavan gardens are the other tourist places in Karnataka India.

Control Cables and its Features

Control cables flexible instrumentation cables are mainly used for the purpose of automation and control. Similar to other cables, helps control the transmission of signals that help manage and control the operation of the machines. The control cables are also known as instrumentation cables, multi-core cables, motors, cables and robotic Flex Control.

All those who have already tried a bicycle knows what brakes are and how they work. Control cables operate on the basis of the same concept. As bicycles, modern machinery such as cars and airplanes need control cables to regulate their movement. The construction of the control cables is similar to other cables with bare copper conductor, sheath and armor of galvanized steel. However, some varieties of control cables may not have armor, but they all added their sleeve for extra strength PVC compound. Industrial Control Cables are mainly used in applications where it is necessary for smooth movement. As these cables are subjected to handling the high pressure electromagnetic, they carry multiple cores and braids of tin coated copper.

There are different types of control cables and each are scientifically designed to regulate signals when interconnected. The reactivity of these machines depends on the application, the type of wire, the equipment and how it is connected to the machine. Although there are different types of control cables available on the market, those that are commonly used are CY (flexible shielded cables), YY (unshielded control cables) and SY (Flex shielded) cables. These cables are further divided into the low smoke, halogen free and halogen-free versions.

Why should we hire Travel agent

If you are planning an India tour, you can require a lot of preparation, procurement, purchasing, accounting and many other things that must be included in your tour. Therefore, it is not easy to manage so many things on your own the best person you need a travel agent abroad to commit almost everything in the field of travel services. A travel agency is basically a person who takes responsibility for the arrangement of the itinerary, accommodation, transport and tourist destinations.

The India travel agent also provides information to various tourist sites of potential clients, all the lifestyle, exchange rates and other related services, such as organizing visa, passport, medical certificate and the certificate of vacation. The importance of international travel agents is that they provide valuable services assessed for travelers in various parts of the world. They make it seem easy to book tickets for flights, hotels and vacation spots attractive in any part of the world at very affordable prices. Over time, the India tour has become important for individuals as they learn about different cultures, traditions and lifestyles.

First, you need to go to a travel agent reputable. One of the most important agency so-called aspects is a good customer service and providing a wide range of services possible. Second, you should have the knowledge and the reputation of the travel agency in particular or you can apply directly to the travel agency to offer a catalog of clients and customers so that you know what is the value and goodwill of the company.

The third most important thing is to see if the agency is certified or not by various travel agencies worldwide.

Last but not least, consider the offers and discounts offered by the travel agency. Therefore, we can say that the journey is one of the most useful to discover new cultures, ways of life and the beauty of the world activities. If you are planning an India tour, it is now very easy as there are many online site agents and travel to meet your travel needs and requirements in every corner of the world.

Medium Voltage Electric Cables

Medium voltage cable is a power cable is most commonly used in the industries of commercial, industrial and electric. The prices of standard voltage for MV (medium voltage) cable between 5 KV and 35 KV, but this range can vary among manufacturers and standards. MV-90 and MV-105 cable, designed for up to 90°C and 105°C, respectively, are two of the most common call outs. Medium voltage cable is available in a wide range and you must learn its basic and common use before purchasing.

Medium voltage cable is available in single and multi-conductor with unshielded styles and flexible design for installation. Medium voltage cable is often designed with either ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) or cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE). Some materials jacket commonly used in MV cables is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and chlorinated polyethylene (CPE). Many popular popular mask shielding copper strips helically applied to the insulation.

Medium voltage cable is provided with two types of insulation, 100% or 133% levels. These levels allow the cable to better manage increased voltage system faults should occur. What is the insulation you choose depends on the time error compensation system level. If the fault clearing time is one minute or less, the cable insulation level of 100% is used. 100% is typically used in the system’s ground where there is only an increase of the minimum voltage. The insulation level of 133% is used when a fault is cleared in less than one hour, and it is commonly used in systems with high resistance grounded or ungrounded systems where voltage levels can rise from phase to phase .


Medium voltage cable is generally used as a primary energy source for a variety of applications. If you set up these cables according to NEC standards then we can only use these wet or dry locations. It’s also known for their electrical stability and robust design, the medium voltage cables are in difficult applications such as pulp and paper, petrochemical plants, steel mills, textile mills, water and installations waste water, mining, railways and power plant utilities. MV cable is also approved for use in a pipe, open air, and direct burial underground conduits plateau.

Which Control Cable should use

Control cables are used to transmit communications to and from devices. These are found in many different processes day by day and the application, so that our daily processes work effectively, the enormous automation, industrial processes and much more effective and efficient work.

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The control cables are the most popular in industries including automation, telecommunications, military, distribution data transmission, oil and gas petrochemical, energy, electronic distribution, distributors mining and electricity and more.

There are many companies that deal with the control cables provide state of the art advanced technology in the manufacture and export of wire models and expanded capabilities. There are three main control cables are cable CY, and YY Cable SY Cable – each more suitable for different applications, conditions and stress levels.

Control cables for flexible instrumentation cables designed as interconnect cable signal and control equipment, ideal for measuring, controlling and regulating transmissions.

CY cable: CY control cable works most effectively for applications requiring transmission without interference. The multi-core flex wire is tinned copper braided polyethylene terephthalate separator that helps protect the control cable electromagnetic influences and a degree of mechanical stress.

YY Cable:  YY control cables are used in space saving due to their small diameter cable installations and increased flexibility due to layers of twisted conductors short. They are very flexible and work well in situations of light mechanical stress. Situation in light mechanical stress and is suitable for most environments, which means it can be used outdoors as it is applied to the protection safekeeping in both wet and dry conditions.

SY cable: This is the most difficult control cable that is suited for applications that need mechanical protection. Galvanized steel wire braid control cable makes it ideal for those who, after a cable reliable and strong control, they can count on.

Birla Temple: Jaipur Rajasthan

Birla temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi is another major attraction of the pink city of Jaipur. The temple is located at the foot of Moti Dungri Fort and is built by the rich and famous Birla family business.

Birla Temple is one of the main attractions of Jaipur. Birla Temple  really looks very beautiful when it is illuminated at night. It reflects the philosophy of secular India with its three domes representing the different approaches to religion.

The architectural beauty of the Birla temple is worth appreciating. Knowledgeable English-speaking guides are available to take visitors around and explain the various aspects of the architecture of the temple and Hinduism. The attractive stained glass windows of the temple depict scenes from Hindu mythology.

Among all the idols, the marble idol of Ganesha is a masterpiece which looks almost transparent. The idols of Lord Vishnu and his wife Lakshmi attract the attention, being made ​​from a piece of marble. The temple also represents great historical performance, philosophers and religious saints.

The exterior of the fascinating temple is beautifully carved with beautiful sculptures based on mythological themes. There is a museum which showcases objects the ancestral value of the Birla family. Birla Mandir / Laxmi Narayan Temple is a masterpiece of art and tourists not to miss this architectural spiritual heritage on their trip to Jaipur.

Tour to Jaipur is incomplete without a visit to the Birla temple. Therefore, if you are touring Jaipur, make sure you pay a visit to the Birla temple. Visit the famous temple will surely be a rewarding experience in one visit to the temple you the opportunity to have an idea about the architecture of India, the spiritual significance of the temple and also the secular state of the nation leave.