Which Control Cable should use

Control cables are used to transmit communications to and from devices. These are found in many different processes day by day and the application, so that our daily processes work effectively, the enormous automation, industrial processes and much more effective and efficient work.

control cable manufacturer

The control cables are the most popular in industries including automation, telecommunications, military, distribution data transmission, oil and gas petrochemical, energy, electronic distribution, distributors mining and electricity and more.

There are many companies that deal with the control cables provide state of the art advanced technology in the manufacture and export of wire models and expanded capabilities. There are three main control cables are cable CY, and YY Cable SY Cable – each more suitable for different applications, conditions and stress levels.

Control cables for flexible instrumentation cables designed as interconnect cable signal and control equipment, ideal for measuring, controlling and regulating transmissions.

CY cable: CY control cable works most effectively for applications requiring transmission without interference. The multi-core flex wire is tinned copper braided polyethylene terephthalate separator that helps protect the control cable electromagnetic influences and a degree of mechanical stress.

YY Cable:  YY control cables are used in space saving due to their small diameter cable installations and increased flexibility due to layers of twisted conductors short. They are very flexible and work well in situations of light mechanical stress. Situation in light mechanical stress and is suitable for most environments, which means it can be used outdoors as it is applied to the protection safekeeping in both wet and dry conditions.

SY cable: This is the most difficult control cable that is suited for applications that need mechanical protection. Galvanized steel wire braid control cable makes it ideal for those who, after a cable reliable and strong control, they can count on.


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